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Secure Money TransferSecure Money Transfer

With EndlessOne Global's Card-To-Card transfer systems, sending money is as easy as logging on to your account and clicking a few buttons to transfer funds instantly. Sending money to anyone in the world or transferring between your own personal cards is what our systems are designed to do safely and securely twenty-four hours a day.

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Payroll ServicesPayroll Services

Our mission at EndlessOne Global is to support and promote financial inclusion so that all adults can achieve affordable financial and wellness benefits services for both themselves and their families. As an employer, we invite you to be our partner in building a better life for all your employees.

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High Tech SecurityHigh Tech Security

EndlessOne SAFE Technology™ offers a unique fraud protection solution. This Technology empowers cardholders to easily change the CVV code on the back of their card, thus reducing the threat of theft and fraud. Our web and mobile applicatons allows cardholders to instantly lock and unlock their cards via their smart phones.

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Global Inc.

Is an international prepaid card program manager. Through our relationships with money networks, sponsoring banks and corporations, we design, create and offer custom-tailored, full service, prepaid card services and programs.

EndlessOne Global is a leader in prepaid card innovation for safe, secure and efficient payment processing.

EndlessOne Global
What kind of card do we do?

What kind of cards do we support?

We create, design, issue and support a wide variety of custom prepaid card programs designed to meet the needs of a wide range of business goals and strategies, including but not limited to: reloadable cards, prepaid business cards, loyalty/rewards cards, gift cards, benefit/discount cards, incentive cards, payout cards, ID/government cards and corporate/payroll rewards cards.

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Multi-currency functionality and processing using our advanced software technology. Unlimited accounts for management for all prepaid debit cards, rewards, gifts and points. Send and receive funds to and from bank accounts and cards of all types worldwide. Complete management console including financial controls to monitor all payment activity. Provides global payment accounts for all employees, contractors, suppliers and affiliates. Eliminates paper checks while paying individual accounts in real-time.

Supply in any currency, a prepaid debit card to business associates who need access. Provide clients an alternate means of receiving their money in their respective accounts Provides FX conversion in country currency and international/domestic merchant processing. Worldwide transaction and transfer capabilities at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.

Fraud protection and security
The World's Safest Card Security Suite

Fraud protection and security

Security and Compliance

Includes: Customer Identification Program, Customer IP Verification, Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) & PEP, Bank Account Verification, Bank BIN check Travel Security - Country Blocking Lock, instantly lock/unlock via smartphone, sms or cardholder portal, instantly change cardholder pin, personalize the lock features by ATM,POS, transfer, auto-lock and more, cardholder can modify their CVV security code at anytime as many times as they chose.

SAFE Technology
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