Global eGlobalBank SoftwareWhat kind of card do we do?

All of them . . .

We are providing the world with the most advanced prepaid card and the safest prepaid Debit Card. The EndlessOne Global Debit Card is a stored value card that is accepted worldwide. Cardholders have access to a full suite of electronic money management tools.

General Spend Card

A general spend prepaid card is a reloadable card where a consumer can load cash via a reload network or have their wages loaded via direct deposit. With the highest growth of all prepaid card types, general spend prepaid cards help retailers grow their business by increasing foot traffic and offering customers another reason to visit.

Benefit / Discount Cards

These are club cards which reward members for participation.

Loyalty / Rewards Cards

This card rewards consumers for loyalty of many types. One way it can be used is by employers to reward employees. Another way is to reward consumers for purchasing certain products or services such as mobile phone service or a washer.

Gift Cards

Over 100 billion dollars are spent annually on Gift Cards with 93% of US consumers receiving at least one every year. Available nearly everywhere, these cards typically have a cash gift range of $25 to $500 with additional features including branding (Visa/Mastercard). Gift Card funds are available immediately, no KYC (know your customer) equirements and no monthly or additional fees for the end user. Contrasted with a typical retail cards which come with activation fees, transaction fees, and reload fees.

Prepaid Card Business

Combining the convenience and acceptance of debit cards with the simplicity of cash means prepaid debit cards have endless possibilities.

Prepaid cards represent an opportunity for enterprises to capitalize on this growing market. One simple way to reward, incentive and provide financial inclusion to thousands of consumer. Prepaid cards are easy to use for the consumer and costs are easily explained and provided to the consumer. No hidden costs.

Incentive Cards

Incentive cards enable loyalty, rebate and incentive rewards programs to benefit consumers in unique ways.

Custom tailored rewards incentives including any of the above listed cards and just about any combination of services you can imagine.

Payout Cards

Custom and Designer Cards

Offer incentives to drive clients toward your business through Payout Cards which can be loaded with a one-time use incentive such as a $20.00 rebate at a grocery store.

This card program allows goods or services to be exchanged, but no refund back to cash.

ID / Government Cards

Allows you to offer your company and its employees a wide variety of options by incorporating in-house rewards, company benefits, merger options with your company's security and ID needs, downloadable medical files, and more. Basically, any type company electronic data can be stored and accessed on the card's magnetic strip

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