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We have taken the eWallet to the next level. With multi-currency functionality, our banking software provides processing using next generation methods, our EndlessOne Global Network.

Consolidated Payment Gateway (CPG)

Multi-national companies with thousands of employees, distributors and their members located throughout the world, require an efficient and cost effective method for both making monetary payouts and receiving funds. EndlessOne Global has introduced "EndlessOne Global Network", the most efficient, industry leading web based payment system. EndlessOne Global Network is fully scalable and currently available. With EndlessOne Global Networkk, multi-national companies can now take advantage of unified access to the Consolidated Payment Gateway (CPG). Unlike many competitors, EndlessOne Global Network is instantaneous. Companies can upload funds in real-time to web-based accounts and provide individuals multiple options on receiving money.


Payments to Credit Cards and Debit Cards EndlessOne Global along with Visa and MasterCard, have created the ability to transfer funds to virtually every card in the world. Individuals can get paid as long as they have one of these branded cards issued by any bank globally.
Payments to a Prepaid Debit Card - for those individuals who don't have a credit or Debit Card, or they want access to their funds in real-time, they can order an EndlessOne Global Prepaid Discover Card, Visa Card, or MasterCard in the U.S. or international residents can apply for a Prepaid Visa Card or MasterCard and offshore bank account.
Payments to a Bank Account - funds can be transferred to a payee's checking or savings account via electronic funds transfer throughout the world from their EndlessOne Global Network account. Whether the payee is located within the European Union, Asia, India, Middle East, the United States or other countries throughout the world, transfers can be made through the CPG on a timely basis and at the lowest cost.


(A lower cost solution for Direct Sales companies to offer their affiliate members with an optional choice to pay for product and services other than credit and debit cards.)
Cash Loading - UKash (an international cash loading network) is available and others are being added as required internationally
Company Integration - through our application program interface (API), the CPG will be tightly integrated with the client's payment system to provide a seamless means of paying out to their people as well as receiving pay-ins as required by the business needs.

Why EndlessOne Global Network?

It can help your company retain its competitive position and grow by providing multiple flexible payment solutions anywhere in the world.
Save money. EndlessOne Global Network is the low cost solutions provider.
Eliminate unnecessary costs through consolidation of services.
Unified access - fully integrated to seamlessly manage domestic and international payment needs.

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