Mobile ApplicationMobile Application

Our EndlessOne Global Mobile Application will allow all cardholders to access our back office to check their balance, block and unblock their cards, create an instant CVV number, transfer funds, make payments, and much more.

Mobile Application

Secure Access For E-Commerce Technology (SAFET), makes our cards the most secure online payment method available. The greatest threat to personal card security is through online or e-commerce transactions. Our cards come with unique patented technology providing cardholders with the most secure payment service in the world.

SAFETechnology can be described as "dynamic CVV" technology. Dynamic CVV technology is the security equivalent of issuing a new credit or debit card for each transaction a cardholder makes. With this new technology, cardholders can easily generate and confirm, via a simple text message or email, a unique CVV code (Card Verification Value) for every card transaction.

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