Mobile Application

EIG Mobile App is most innovative app that encourages healthy spending habits.

Granular Analytics

Get a deeper look into all your spending’s broken down by category and merchant. Budgeting just got easier

Intuitive Card Controls

Instantly freeze your card, or set limits on where you can use it, with a touch of a button.

Bill Payments Simplified

View all your bills in one place. Whether it's monthly utilities or splitting bills with friends.

Real-time Spend Notifications

Receive instant in-app notifications every time you use EIG Mobile App - down to the location and time.

E1G payroll solution refers to the electronic wage payment of the employees by means of salary card which can be in used any ATM machines(Open loop) within the country on the basis of their employer segment.

How does it work?

One agreement with the employer for salary processing (includes all services); E1G invests into infra-structure for disbursement of salary; E1G manages & runs the entire payroll process End to End Agreement with Partner bank to issue ATM Cards with access to Switch Network ATM’s for salary withdrawal by the low wage staff.