Payroll Services:

The purpose of the payroll card is to penetrate and sell end to end managed payroll services to both corporate and retail clients who have employed foreign workers, which allows them to comply with legal requirements mandated by the local government, improve corporate social responsibility aspects of their business and reduce costs of wage distribution.

This will be accomplished by aligning E1G ’s products with the Ministry of Labor objectives and ensuring that companies have low risk, low cost point of entry to implement our payroll card services through no up-front investment for hardware and IT; hence, our products have no revenue share agreements with the companies. The target market group incorporates all companies and is a distinct differential in the market as we are able to cater and sell our product to both large and small companies.

Marketing tools to be utilized include a combination of direct communication with retail and corporate group companies, working closely with the government entities as to continuous develop better capabilities and offerings in the market, presenting at industry events and exhibiting at regional conferences and symposiums, articles in trade press, and lastly leverage search engine optimizations to cover the vast number of companies in the available market place.